Geographical: “Embracing tourism to protect Kenyan wildlife”

Conservation of threatened iconic species will be aided by the re-opening of Loisaba, a tourist operation in Laikipia County, Kenya

The Loisaba Tented Camp, part of the Elewana portfolio, contributes to the conservation and development work of the Loisaba Conservancy. Photo: Elewana Collection

Earlier this month, on the site of an earlier lodge, a new camp finally re-opened. Newly named the Loisaba Tented Camp, this modern and chic luxury accommodation is a key component of what is now the Loisaba Conservancy, a picturesque 56,000-acre landscape in central Kenya which serves as a vital habitat and migration corridor for local wildlife.

The area was privately-owned and when it came up for sale, it was feared that a development featuring housing, roads and maybe even a golf course would be constructed on the site. Instead, the US-based NGO The Nature Conservancy stepped in and, through partnerships with the local Northern Rangelands Trust and Space for Giants, facilitated the creation of the Loisaba Community Trust in 2014, a separate entity which will ensure the long-term protection of the conservancy.

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