Kenya Wildlife Service


The Kenya Wildlife Service is the national wildlife authority responsible for the conservation and management of Kenya’s wildlife and the protection of people’s lives and property from wildlife. Space for Giants’ works in close collaboration with the KWS at local and national levels. The KWS in turn provide Space for Giants with government level support and advice and, together with local communities, is the main beneficiary of project outputs.

The Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy is one of the world’s largest conservation charities, having protected over 119 million acres of land & 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide, since it was founded in 1951. Today it works in more than 30 countries and across the USA. Space for Giants is developing a partnership with TNC’s African program to help inform conservation investment in the Laikipia region and beyond.

The Loisaba Conservancy


Space for Giants was instrumental, with The Nature Conservancy, in securing this pristine 56,000-acre stretch of north central Kenya when it was put up for sale by its previous owners. Facing the risk that it could be bought and turned over to use other than as as wildlife refuge, it was instead secured as a Kenyan trust and a community conservancy. It is a key habitat for some of Kenya’s second-largest population of elephants, and drives increasing benefits to local people through tourism and community businesses.

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy


Covering almost 100,000 acres in central Laikipia, The Ol Pejeta Conservancy (OPC) works to conserve wildlife, provide a sanctuary for great apes and to generate income through wildlife tourism and complimentary enterprise for reinvestment in conservation and community development. OPC is at the forefront of efforts to prevent the poaching of elephants and rhinos and mitigate human-elephant conflict in Laikipia. Space for Giants works closely with OPC to help inform and further develop their conservation efforts so that they can be scaled up with a view to having an impact across the wider region and to inform policy and practice elsewhere.

Northern Rangelands Trust


With the support of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, NRT was established in 2004 to assist economically marginalised pastoralists of northern Kenya to use conservation as a tool for livelihood security and development. It achieves this by supporting communities to develop and manage community owned wildlife conservancies. NRT’s Council of Elders, made up of individuals nominated by each conservancy, oversees the work of an executive team operating four programmes: 1) Community Development; 2) Research and Monitoring; 3) Livestock and; 4) Enterprise & Product Department.  NRT has been enormously successful at introducing community support and conservation compatible development to northern Kenya with 18 conservancies created and supported, encompassing a total area of 14,000 km2.

The Big Life Foundation


Laikipia Wildlife Forum


The LWF is a unique umbrella organization for landowners, communities, government, and conservation organisations living and working in Laikipia. The forum brings people together to conserve the integrity of the Laikipia ecosystem by creatively managing its natural resources to improve the livelihood of its people. The LWF is Space for Giants’ main partner in Laikipia County.

Centre for Training in Research and Development in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands


CETRAD is a Nanyuki based research and development organization, bilaterally established by the Swiss and Kenya Government that sits under the Kenya Government’s Ministry of Water. CETRAD has provided Space for Giants with institutional & technical support and a local platform from which to engage with policy makers across the region.

Aspen Valley Land Trust


AVLT is dedicated to preserving open lands for agriculture, wildlife, scenic enjoyment and recreation in the greater Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys of western Colorado in the USA. Since 2011 AVLT have been lending their knowledge and expertise to help shape Space for Giants’ approach to land conservation in Laikipia. In 2012 they became an official “sister land trust” and are actively looking for opportunities to bring resources, time and energy into Space for Giants conservation efforts in Kenya.