About us

Space for Giants protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever in landscapes facing greatly-increasing pressures.

We use innovative, proven interventions to confront acute issues like the ivory trade and long-term challenges such as balancing the needs of wildlife and growing human populations. We seek solutions rooted in the wisdom of people who understand wildlife best, because they study it, or live alongside it, or both. And we understand long-term success depends on creating economic and social benefits for the people who share their environment with wildlife.

Everywhere we work, in Kenya, Gabon, Uganda, and Botswana, we use science and best-practice to develop and deliver anti-poaching initiatives, secure protected landscapes for elephants, work to lessen the problems that arise where people and elephants live alongside each other, and provide conservation training and education. Space for Giants initiatives include the Giants Club, an international forum of political leaders, conservationists, and philanthropists united to protect half of Africa’s elephants by 2020, and Journeys for Giants, tailoring extraordinary adventures for supporters to experience our work on the ground.

We connect to a very broad spectrum of people and organisations across the world to explain what we do, why it works, and to ask and lobby for their support. Together, we can help bring about the kinds of changes to international policy that we know will help most in protecting Africa’s elephants. We are a registered charity in the UK and registered non-profit in the USA, and are headquartered in Kenya.

Our Approach

Our conservation efforts are currently focused around four key areas:

  1. Wildlife Protection and Justice: Building and sustaining forces on the ground, and the judicial capacity, that are both needed to provide a significant and lasting deterrent against poaching
  2. Securing Habitat: Supporting innovative approaches to land tenure and management that secure and maintain priority landscapes critical for the survival of elephants, while creating economic and social benefits for local communities
  3. Minimising Costs of Living With Wildlife: Providing technical solutions to reduce frictions and conflict between elephants and expanding human populations in fast-developing economies
  4. Connecting People With Nature: Telling new audiences stories of the threats to elephants and of conservation successes, including by providing extraordinary experiences connecting the global community with wild animals and their landscapes

Our Team


Dr Max Graham
Founder and CEO

Shamini Jayanathan
Director of Legal Strategy

Maurice Schutgens
Laikipia Programme Manager

George Aike
GIS Officer

Samuel Githui
Project Officer

Joseph Wahome
Elephant Researcher

Charles Kinyua
MIKE Officer

Salome Gakui
Office Administrator