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Population of endangered hirola antelope on the decline

By Caroline Chebet, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Standard Digital. Published 14 June 2018. The hirola population has continued to shrink despite efforts by conservationists to save the world’s rarest antelope. Hirolas, which are found only in Kenya and Somalia, and which are considered the world’s most endangered antelopes, have been plagued by disease and habitat loss.


Former cricket player gave up bat to save vultures

By Evelyne Makena, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Mediamax. Published 29 May 2018. Vultures are often viewed with contempt.  Bald headed and with repulsive eating habits, vultures have earned a reputation as unattractive and a less endearing bird species.  Yet, these birds of prey play a critical role of cleaning up the ecosystem and preventing spread of […]

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Butterfly farming transforming loggers into forest ambassadors in Kilifi

By Janet Murikira, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Baraka FM Mombasa. Published 18 May 2018. Kilifi, KENYA: For years, Dickson Mbogo’s main source of income was the illegal cutting down of trees at the once vast Arabuko Sokoke forest, which would mostly end up in a Tom and Jerry chase like game with the Kenya Forest […]


Two refugee chimpanzees from Guinea Bissau find a home at Ol Pejeta

By Caroline Chebet, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, The Standard. Published 26 May 2018. Two chimpanzees rescued from smugglers in Guinea Bissau have been taken to a rescue centre in Nanyuki. The apes, which were victims of the illegal wildlife trade in exotic animals in the west African nation, will join 36 other chimpanzees seeking refuge […]

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Conservation message too complex for Kenyan youth

By Evelyn Makena, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, People Daily. Published 1 April 2018. A camera follows Omar Ibrahim through a winding alley lined with shanty structures. The neighbourhood, which bears broken sewer lines, heaps of garbage and a murky river flowing through it, is the only home Omar has known his entire life. “When […]