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Season’s greetings from all of us at Space for Giants

Space for Giants Founder and CEO Dr Max Graham looks back on 2016.

Silhouette of elephants against sky

Thank you all for your incredible support during what has been another incredible year for Space for Giants.

Against the tragic background of elephant decline recorded in the Great Elephant Census, we were pleased to see that the survey shows that the North Kenya elephant population, where we and our partners have invested so much effort over the last five years, is stable.

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Securing space in Uganda

In Uganda President Museveni has established a Council to deliver the Giants Club projects in the country. As well as supporting Space for Giants’ legal experts and conservationists in the delivery of their work, the Council is also supporting the delivery of the first Giants Club Investment Forum.

This landmark initiative to bring in sustainable revenue for Uganda’s protected area network and significant employment for local people. There’ll be an update on the progress of the Investment Forum in early 2017.

After CITES: What next for Africa’s elephants?

Despite the disappointing outcome of the 17th Convention on the International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) Conference, held in South Africa in September 2016, here is hope for the future, says CEO and Founder of Space for Giants Dr Max Graham.

There were three main outcomes from. that have implications for the future of Africa’s elephants. Here, I briefly summarise what these are and what can be done to ensure elephants have a future post CITES.

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