THE ECOLOGIST: The Space for Giants approach to elephant conservation in Africa

The Ecologist Right of Reply September 2017

Space for Giants works with philanthropists, lobbies African governments, educates prosecutors and collars elephants as part of its conservation work. But the approach to conservation in Africa itself has been a matter of passionate debate. Here DR MAX GRAHAM, CEO of Space for Giants explains how the team works

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Annual Report 2015-16

Space for Giants is on an extraordinary path of growth, positioning us as one of the leading conservation organisations dedicated to elephants, and their landscapes. The past two years have been momentous: the poaching crisis has slowed in some areas, and surged in others; China has banned its domestic ivory trade; the smart thinking on preserving elephant landscapes that we helped to pioneer is expanding. Read here how we have been central to major developments, and how we plan to shape strategy in the critical years ahead.

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