After CITES: What next for Africa’s elephants?

Despite the disappointing outcome of the 17th Convention on the International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) Conference, held in South Africa in September 2016, here is hope for the future, says CEO and Founder of Space for Giants Dr Max Graham.

There were three main outcomes from. that have implications for the future of Africa’s elephants. Here, I briefly summarise what these are and what can be done to ensure elephants have a future post CITES.

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Jacques’ Climb for Giants

Namibian Captain and rugby legend, Jacques Burger along with Mike Ellery, Rhys Gill, Jim Hamilton, Nils Mordt and Ben Ransom will be climbing Mt Kenya, 6-13th June, to raise funds for Space for Giants.

We must #TRYHarder to combat the elephant poaching crisis. Please sponsor the team and help #MakeSpaceForGiants
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Press: How do you save an elephant in Kenya?

FT: At Loisaba, a 56,000-acre conservancy in central Kenya, they are betting the best ways to save elephants is to fatten cattle. Set up in the heart of the expansive Laikipia plateau 18 months ago by conservationists and a local rancher, its managers are taking a novel — and longer-term — approach to protecting the world’s largest land mammal in which tackling poaching is only a part of the solution.
“Just say we stop poaching,” says Max Graham, one of Loisaba’s founders and the chief executive of Space for Giants, an elephant protection organisation. “Then you’ve got all these elephants. How are you going to deal with them?”

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