GO PLACES: Tourism CS Najib Balala Summits Mt Kenya To Raise Awareness Against Elephant Poaching

Congratulations to Kenya’s Tourism CS Najib Balala and 7 summit Africa team for summiting Mt. Kenya. The journey that started on 13th -17th November from Serena Mountain Lodge aimed at raising awareness against elephant poaching and showing support to the Space for Giants. In addition, CS Balala aimed at showcasing what Kenya has to offer in terms of adventure and tourism.

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W MAGAZINE: Meet Lexi Bowes-Lyon, the Wildlife Conservationist Who Happens to Be Prince William and Harry’s Cousin

There are no shortage of parties in New York in the fall. But one thrown by a royal-adjacent English socialite to save elephants—and in Brooklyn, no less? Now that’s something to talk about. On Thursday, Space For Giants, a non-profit organization based in Kenya that works to protect the natural habitats of African elephants, hosted their first U.S. fundraising event, Stampede of Sound.

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AVENUE: A concert for conservation

Lexi Bowes Lyon, the newly appointed Philanthropy Director, USA, of Space for Giants has dedicated the last several years of her life to the conservation of the African wild. “Conservation has progressively become an important topic of conversation as the concept of space and the value it has holds an increasing importance in our world today” Lyon said.

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THE TIMES: Ivory seizures help to curb poaching

By Aislinn Laing in Nairobi – Seizures of elephant ivory are at their highest for 27 years and incidents of poaching have stabilised, according to the world conservation body.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) said that last year about 40 tonnes of ivory were seized from poachers and from people trying to import it into countries such as China. It was the best return since 1989.

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THE ECOLOGIST: The Space for Giants approach to elephant conservation in Africa

The Ecologist Right of Reply September 2017

Space for Giants works with philanthropists, lobbies African governments, educates prosecutors and collars elephants as part of its conservation work. But the approach to conservation in Africa itself has been a matter of passionate debate. Here DR MAX GRAHAM, CEO of Space for Giants explains how the team works

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Independent: “Running for Rangers: Combating the African poaching crisis one step at a time”

The last group photo of the team before they entered the jungle. From left to right, Keith Roberts, Ryan Pape, Sam Taylor, Hollie Woodhouse, Jacqueline Manson, Harry Dyer, Matt Hill, Holly Windsor, Pete Newland and Jamie Gaymer Photo: Shaun Leavy

Running for Rangers is a dedicated group of individuals who run marathons and ultra-marathons worldwide to raise money for the welfare of wildlife rangers.

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