Living with Wildlife

In Kenya, we are dealing with some of the worst levels of human-elephant conflict (HEC) in East Africa. Several thousand incidents of human-elephant conflict are experienced here every year. Devastating crop damage and the tragic loss of human life are an all too frequent reality for smallholder farmers living alongside wild elephants. Elephants do not go unharmed in this conflict either – many are killed or injured in retaliatory attacks. Space for Giants has been working on a strategy for the Governor’s Taskforce on human-elephant conflict mitigation for Laikipia County, which could act as a model for other areas of Africa.

Our projects include:

The West Laikipia Fence Rehabilitation Project

Space for Giants has identified the rehabilitation of the West Laikipia Fence as the single most important project to mitigating HEC in the county. We are working closely with other conservation partners to develop a more appropriate fence design, a fence management protocol and a comprehensive monitoring system. Our aim is to secure funding to upgrade the sections of the fence that have fallen into disrepair and are compromising the integrity of the entire construction.


The Amboseli Ecosystem, located on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, is one of the most spectacular locations in Africa. But it is under threat from HEC. Space for Giants is actively providing technical support to the Big Life Foundation, the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust, the Kenyan Wildlife Service and other local partners to assess current and future changes in land use and tenure; to assess the feasibility of using electrified fences to prevent crop-raiding; and to develop a human-elephant conflict mitigation strategy for the Amboseli Ecosystem.