Securing Habitat

Not only are elephants being hunted to extinction, but their last refuges are disappearing too, driven by the economic growth Africa is experiencing. In order to protect elephants, we need to secure space for them to roam.

Our projects include:

Conservation Strategy for Laikipia

In 2012, Space for Giants led the development of a conservation strategy for Laikipia County. This is the first of its kind in East Africa and provides a framework for conservation action, pulling together a diverse array of stakeholders and partners behind a single vision. We hope and expect this strategy to provide a model for how to undertake conservation planning, for wildlife and people, in other landscapes across the continent.

Kirisia Hills

Karissia Hills[1]_0
Through the generous support of Dag Goering and Maria Coffey and their wonderful 100 mile walk with camels, organised through their company, Hidden Places Travel, we have slowly but surely scaled up our support for the 91,452ha Kirisia Hills in Samburu.

The Loisaba Conservancy

At the end of 2014, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants enabled a wholly owned Kenyan charitable entity, the Loisaba Community Trust, to acquire ownership of 56,000 acres to create the Loisaba Conservancy in northern Laikipia. In addition to being a critical refuge for large mammals, Loisaba also supports an important tourism enterprise and community programme, providing employment, income and dry season grazing for local communities. Space for Giants is a member of the Loisaba board and will play an active role in developing a conservations strategy for the conservancy.

Mt Kenya – Aberdare Corridor

Space for Giants, in partnership with Rhino Ark and with political support from the Nyeri County Governor, is working on securing the critical Mt Kenya-Aberdare corridor before it is lost. This will enable the movement of elephants between the forested massifs of Mt Kenya and the Aberdares.

Nagum Corridor

In the conservation strategy developed by Space for Giants for Laikipia County, the Nagum corridor was identified as one of the most important wildlife sinks in the county. Currently, with the political will of the Governor, the support of local landowners, conservation organisations, the local community and the British Army, Space for Giants is in the process of conducting a feasibility study for the establishment of a community conservancy.