Wildlife Protection

We are currently experiencing a dramatic surge in the poaching of elephants – the number being slaughtered has not been seen since the ‘elephant holocaust’ between the 1970s and 1990s. Although this is a challenging environment to work in, there are meaningful actions that we are taking to protect elephants, and our approach is working. In Northern Kenya, our wildlife protection work has resulted in a 74% decline in the illegal killing of elephants in 2015 compared to levels in 2012. Our aim is to scale up this work to provide the same level of protection to other vulnerable populations of elephants on the African continent.

Our Projects include:

Rapid Response and Mobile Teams

Working with local and national stakeholders, Space for Giants has created a highly trained Rapid Response Team of Kenyan Police Reservists (KPR) who respond to poaching threats and security incidents across Northern Kenya.

Judiciary Capacity Building:

Space for Giants has invested heavily in building the capacity of the judiciary in Kenya to take wildlife crimes seriously and has provided technical input into the new wildlife conservation and management act, signed into law by His Excellency the President at the end of 2013. Space for Giants also works with local magistrates, prosecutors and investigators to build capacity along the entire criminal trial process, from the scene of the crime, to the point of conviction.

Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE)

Space for Giants works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and other conservation partners across the landscape to monitor the illegal killing of elephants. While this activity does not protect elephants directly, the data does reveal poaching hotspots over time and this allows us to use our resources cost-effectively in reducing poaching and human-elephant conflict.