Our Work

Securing Habitat

Poaching is the immediate threat to elephants’ survival, but in the long term it will be pressures on their habitats that will present the gravest challenge. As Africa develops economically, and human populations increase, there will be increasing competition for how to use land. We must ensure that leaving it wild for elephants to roam wins out as the best option.

Our projects include:

Loisaba Conservancy

Loisaba is a 56,000-acre refuge for elephants in Kenya’s Laikipia region, bought from a private landowner and now managed as a community trust that funnels funding from eco-tourism to protecting wildlife and bringing benefits to its communities. Space for Giants, with The Nature Conservancy, was central to setting up Loisaba and its success continues to be a central plank in our strategy to secure space in Kenya.

Mt Kenya – Aberdare Corridor

Once regularly used by herds of up to 80 elephants, this pathway between two mountainous areas of central Kenya has been blocked by human settlement, farming, and modern infrastructure. We are helping Rhino Ark to see if it can be reopened, reconnecting two major elephant habitats. Key will be winning the support of landowners whose properties line the corridor’s route.

Nagum Corridor

The Nagum wildlife corridor is one of the most critical areas in Laikipia. It is also the last remaining ‘gap’ in the greater West Laikipia Elephant fencing strategy. We are mapping all the land parcels along and around the corridor to identify landowners, and discussing how we could turn this key zone into a community conservancy to protect wildlife and bring benefits to local people.