BBC: “Giants Club elephant summit: Kenya calls for end to ivory trade”

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has urged an end to Africa’s illegal ivory trade, saying it means death for elephants and death for tourism. He is hosting a summit of African leaders, business people and scientists in Nanyuki, central Kenya, to discuss how to save elephants from extinction. Experts warn Africa’s elephants could be extinct […]

Independent: “Rugby world comes together to save Africa’s elephants”

Around 200 diners gathered on Wednesday night for the Giants Dinner, a fundraising event in aid of Africa’s elephants organised by Space for Giants and Saracens Rugby Club. Hosted by Will Greenwood and attended by rugby legends Phil Vickery, Jacques Burger and Nils Mordt among others, it was the latest event in a long-standing relationship […]

Elephants: Facts and Figures

The Poaching Crisis It’s estimated that there were 1.2 million elephants in Africa in 1980 – today according to the Elephant Database approximately 400,000 remain 100,000 African elephants were killed by poachers between 2010 to 2012 That’s equivalent to almost 100 African elephants killed every day or one killed every 15 minutes 60% of elephant deaths […]

Independent: “Loisaba Conservancy: Where hope survives for the world’s endangered elephants”

The best way to protect wild animals is for the people who live among them to benefit from conservation. Loisaba Conservancy is an example of this – it is a breathtaking 56,000-acre landscape in northern Kenya’s Laikipia County, which is being managed sustainably to conserve wildlife habitat and benefit local communities.

Space for Giants awarded funding from the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund

Space for Giants has just been awarded funding from the UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund for a project to reduce the illegal killing of endangered wildlife, particularly elephants and rhinos, in Kenya by curbing the supply side of the illegal trade. Kenya is one of three African countries identified by CITES (the Convention […]

Independent: “Giants Club: African leaders to gather in Kenya to tackle elephant poaching crisis”

The President of Kenya is to host a historic gathering of African leaders in April to address the elephant-poaching crisis in the first meeting of the Giants Club, the wildlife-protection initiative backed by The Independent. It will be followed by the burning of a vast 120 tonne stockpile of ivory, much of it seized by […]

The Voice: “African Leaders To Meet Over Elephant Poaching Crisis”

Africa’s Leaders will meet a summit hosted by Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the elephant-poaching crisis, it has been reported The historic gathering of the continents most prestigious leaders will be the first of its kind and is scheduled to take place in April, according to The Evening Standard. The Giants Club, the wildlife […]