REPORT: Analysis of wildlife crime trials in north-central Kenya

Published Date 9 July 2018 Author(s) Space for Giants Full Paper: Analysis of Prosecutions of Ivory, Rhino Horn and Sandalwood Crime in North Central Kenya – A Case Study (opens in new window) The global illegal wildlife trade is operated by transnational organised crime syndicates and valued at an estimated $7-10 billion annually. High profile ivory seizures and […]


By Thobo Motlhoka, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Sunday Standard. Published 3 July 2018. Just a few weeks before leaving office former Botswana president Lieutenant General Ian Khama slammed US President Donald Trump for the latter’s decision to lift the ban on elephant trophy hunting. Khama condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the decision by the […]

Tiny seedballs sow new trees in bare land

Tiny seedballs sow new trees in bare land

By Evelyne Makena, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, People Daily. Published 26 June 2018. Planting a tree is a process. Ideally, it starts with sowing a seed that grows into a seedling, digging holes, transplanting and consistent watering. However, an innovative concept popularly known as seed bombing is eliminating the tedious process and injecting fun […]

Black Rhino doubles, a first in 35 years – Caroline Chebet

Black rhino numbers double, a first in 35 years of heightened conservation

By Caroline Chebet, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Standard Digital. Published 26 June 2018. The population of black rhino in the country has doubled for the first time in 35 years following conservation efforts. The current black rhino numbers stands at 750, according to report by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), two-fold increase from 350 in 1983 […]

Villagers bear the brunt of wildlife attacks

Villagers bear brunt of vicious wildlife attacks

By Caroline Chebet, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Standard Digital. Published 16 June 2018. Pamela Tiren has borne the brunt of human-wildlife conflict. She lives on the shores of Lake Baringo, at Siriangot village and can give details of what a snake bite entails. In 2007, her then three-year-old daughter, Gladys Chesang, was bitten by a snake and has been scarred […]

Increasing connectivity will boost efficiency and effectiveness Photo: KWS

Space for Giants drives digitisation of specialist Kenyan wildlife crime prosecutors

NAIROBI, 19 JUNE 2018 (Space for Giants) – An expert team of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) prosecutors expect to increase wildlife crime convictions by digitising their work with new laptop computers Space for Giants delivered today. The KWS Prosecution Unit acts as a bridge between investigators and Kenya’s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions […]

The Beauty, life of Mara under Threat Standard – Jeckonia

Population of endangered hirola antelope on the decline

By Caroline Chebet, Giants Club African Conservation Fellow, Standard Digital. Published 14 June 2018. The hirola population has continued to shrink despite efforts by conservationists to save the world’s rarest antelope. Hirolas, which are found only in Kenya and Somalia, and which are considered the world’s most endangered antelopes, have been plagued by disease and habitat loss.