Our Work

Connecting People with Nature

Illegal poaching, loss of habitat, human-wildlife conflict – Space for Giants is tackling all of these issues and seeing real impact on the ground. However, what underpins all of this work is education and awareness raising – training conservationists, working with local communities so that they understand and value elephants, and raising international awareness of the threats facing elephants today.

Our projects include:

Our Community Outreach Programme

Our Community Outreach Programme uses interactive drama performances to explore issues of poaching, conservation and conflict through entertainment and laughter. Our aim is to engage local people in a relaxed setting to help them understand the value of elephants, the role of institutional bodies and to encourage them to actively participate in wildlife protection.

Training and Education

Space for Giants provides training courses, internships, mentoring and scholarships with the aim of creating local conservationists. Space for Giants provides training in elephant monitoring in Northern Kenya, as well as mapping for conservation, studying elephants in the field and human-wildlife conflict management. We also support the next generation of conservationists through scholarships, internships and mentoring.

International lobbying and development

While our efforts on the ground in Laikipia have produced encouraging results, we firmly believe that the root of the problem must also be tackled to bring an end to this crisis. Together with our partners, such as Stop Ivory, we are looking at ways of reducing the demand for ivory.