Securing Habitat


Not only are elephants being hunted to extinction, but their last refuges are disappearing too, driven by the economic growth Africa is experiencing. In order to protect elephants, we need to secure space for them to roam.

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Wildlife Protection


We are currently experiencing a dramatic surge in the poaching of elephants – the number being slaughtered has not been seen since the ‘elephant holocaust’ between the 1970s and 1990s.

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Living with Wildlife


In Kenya, we are dealing with some of the worst levels of human-elephant conflict in East Africa. Several thousand incidents of human-elephant conflict are experienced here every year.

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Connecting People with Nature


Illegal poaching, loss of habitat, human-wildlife conflict – Space for Giants is tackling all of these issues and seeing real impact on the ground. However, what underpins all of this work is education and awareness raising.

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The future of the world’s remaining giants and the wild landscapes they inhabit lies entirely in the hands of people like you. But not until their fate becomes your passion and not until that passion drives you to take action and make decisions that can change the future for wildlife. The future for people and your future. We want to awaken that passion in you by giving you a life changing experience. We want you to join us on a journey for giants.

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