Space for Giants

Vision & Mission Statement

It is our mission to secure a future for the largest mammals on earth forever, to be enjoyed by humanity forever, by ensuring that they have the space and security to live and move freely in the wild forever.

Our vision is to develop new models for conservation that enable people to support and sustain populations of large wild animals and the natural landscapes they depend on.


Space for Giants is an international conservation charity, registered in the UK (charity no: 1139771) and USA (EIN: 47-1805681) and Kenya governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. UK and USA based board members are primarily responsible for international fundraising & awareness creation. African-based board members are primarily responsible for the development & implementation of locally appropriate conservation strategies. The Space for Giants’ CEO manages day to day operation with the support of an executive team. Financial administration and accounting is executed to the highest standard, in accordance with regulations set by the UK Charity Commission.

Where we work

Our work is globally relevant but we are currently focused on efforts in and around the 10,000 km2 Laikipia Plateau in north-central Kenya. We believe that Laikipia presents an ideal site to develop models for conservation for several reasons. First Laikipia is arguably East Africa’s most important wildlife area, containing a highly diverse and abundant wildlife community, including one of Africa’s last free ranging elephant populations and a number of highly endangered species. Second Laikipia contains no officially designated government protected areas. Instead the wildlife here depends on the goodwill of the people who live here. Third Laikipia contains a range of different land use types that in many ways represent the different scenarios that exists across Africa under which conservation must succeed if wildlife is to have a future here. These land-use scenarios include state owned forests, privately owned ranches, wildlife conservancies, small-scale farms & community owned land used by pastoralists. For all these reasons we believe that our conservation efforts in Laikipia can generate models for wildlife conservation for sites across Africa and perhaps the rest of the world. It is for this reason that we have chosen Laikipia as our first area of focus.

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